Energy, climate and civic participation

Interpersonal and small group communication have the power to touch people. They both contribute to create a cascade effect that influences opinions in a given community through local leaders and residents mainly when face to face conversations take place – a traditional word-of-mouth propaganda.

A couple of weeks ago (Tuesday, September 12th), Eric Henson and I (photo) participated in a very special meeting in the community of Emerald Hills. Emerald Hills CCE Presentation 1The neighborhood council held its monthly meeting to discuss a variety of issues and one of them was Community Choice Energy (CCE), a hybrid model for local energy management. This model is a path for achieving 100% clean energy. The City of San Diego (CA) is considering implementing CCE in 2018. In order for that to happen, the City Council needs to vote an ordinance adopting the program. There are eight CCE programs already installed in California, and the current state government is pushing policies that could turn California into a net carbon state by 2045.

It was great to be part of the Climate Action Campaign communication efforts as a volunteer to explain and educate people about CCE.

Public communication in the true sense of the word! I am thinking of repeating my volunteer participation.

Credit: photograph by the author of Blog Entre Cá

Apresentação resultados PIC

No dia 7 de outubro de 2010, Jonnathas Alvarenga e Victor Cruz apresentaram os resultados das pesquisas que desenvolveram pelo programa de iniciação científica.

Jonnathas abordou as campanhas educativas de consumo racional de água e o perfil do consumidor: esbanjador, consumista, econômico, moderado e espartano. Ressaltou a necessidade de segmentação das campanhas publicitárias.

Victor abordou as técnicas publicitárias para campanhas educativas e ressaltou que pesquisa de recall não é a única que deve ser usada para medir resultados.